Treading darkly

This story seems to grow quietly in the dark corners of my mind. While I'm not looking, new twists and turns develop for these 3 characters. It is at a good "resting" place, though I am sure this is not the end to say the least.

Please, come and visit the boytoy, his Mistress, and her guest.

My Aquatic Muse

My poetry sketchbook has a few new poems up today with a decidedly aquatic theme. Once I've polished Overwhelmed and Mermaid, they will show up here in the poetry section!

Also unearthed an old painful draft from two years ago. Ouch is a reflection of my feelings at the time, thankfully, I do not feel the same way today!

Cover Art for Steampunk Lovestory

At times my prose is inspired by a visual muse though the opposite is just as common. A cycle of eyes to ears and back again, spinning around my pretty little head.

The steampunk valentine story I Give You My Heart primed my mind for the digital illustration you see below.

I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at Poetry Blogs.

Extended Learning, a.k.a. Fleecing the Sheep

A current Facebook friend and old high school classmate is shining bright. His recent poetic success beckons me to get back on my game. I want Austria to love me too, or any other randomly abstract country that teaches literary skills through the analysis of modern works.

In other words, I'm looking into taking a creative writing course at the local college. The proverbial kick in the butt, though I'm not quite flexible enough to literally tread on my own posterior.

(Do I try too hard? Verbose might just be a four letter word.)